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R E F E R R  A L   P R O G R A M

We know that word-of-mouth is the heart and soul of our business.  With out your support and referrals, we'd have no business at all, and we never take that for granted.  We appreciate all of you loyal dreamers so much.  As such, we have created a Referral Program, designed to thank you when you trust us with your friends and family.


Who is eligible: Anyone and everyone


What qualifies as a referral: When someone books and PAYS for any session or wedding, and mentions your name at booking.


What referrer gets: 25% off a Sapping Session, to be used within 12 rolling months of paid referral. Referrals may be accumulated and stacked for additional savings, as long as they are used within 12 rolling months of having been earned.

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